April Contest $95.00 Glicee we have a winner

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There was such a great response from my first “guess the title of the artwork” in March that i have just finished another painting to name.

Click on the link to Face Book on this page and make your guess. Read to the bottom of this post to get all riddles and clues.

One guess per day. A new clue is provided each day on this posting page. You must make your guess on Facebook.

The painting can be viewed here and on facebook.

Now for the first clue. The painting is a title that is six words long. I will provide one letter to each word each day and often a clue as to the composition of the work. This composition does depict the chosen name and once discovered you will be amazed. I created this as I am fairly confined to my studio as I battle this cancer and go through radiation. I have to stay away from social gatherings because of being vulnerable to getting sick from social interaction with cold and flu. It was all cut out in Feb of 2017 but came back. I came up with this contest in March to stay connected and have some fun.

Good luck my friends but more importantly have fun.

Clue 1. six words one of them is of posted March 28,2018

“_________________  ____  ____________________    ___    _________________  _________________”

Clue 2 posted March 29,2018

Riddle: As the mountains grow many things are observed.

Six words one of them is “the” and another word is “of”

“________________  ___ ______________ _____ __________  _______”

Clue 3 posted March 30,2018

Riddle: Mountains never die they just watch time go by

“___________ the ________ _____ _____ _______”

Clue 4 posted March 31,2018

Riddle: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall each year the valley sees them all.

“_______ the _______ of _______  _________

Clue 5 posted April 1,2018

Riddle: One thing that remains constant is change

“_______ the_______ of ________ _S________

Clue 6 posted April 2,2018

All along the watch tower

“______ the C________of__________ S_________

Clue 7 posted April 3,2018

Riddle: Bob Gaudio

______ the   C______ of   T________  S___________


Congratulate Lisa Fournier with the guess “Watching the Change of the Seasons”

Lisa informed me that she would diligently look for each days clues and search my web site to see how I think and come up with names of my works and when she found out that the last clue was the writer of the four seasons she got it. Three other players also got the name on that day but Lisa was the first to post it. Others were so close. Reading the guesses of the other players and my replies to them was also beneficial to her hard work in this contest.

She stated that she would use google search on some of the clues and share her ideas with friends for their input. Lisa, you determination has paid off. Your Giclee will be awarded soon as they are being made. It will .be signed and numbers as number one. I only make 25 prints at $95.00 each. The original painting sells for $2,600.00 unframed. it is 18×24


My composition thought process and how I came up with clues and Riddles.

The last clue was the writer for the four seasons.

Jimmy Hendrix song All along the Watch Tower was the man in the mountain clue.The others now speak for themselves.

I painted a face in the mountain and some folks saw that right away. I was surprised, Thus the clue song of Jimmy Hendrix “all along the watch tower”

In this piece the mountain watches the changes of the seasons and when player Judy guessed mountain watching I thought, hey that would have also been a great name.

So the mountain watches and I painted the four seasons in all parts of the painting from the snow on the mountain for Winter to the bright green and flowers or Spring and Summer and then finally the colors of fall in some of the leaves.

Thanks for playing everyone. I will have another panting for May. I will post it early but only post the clues and riddles starting May 1, 2018

With that said click on the Facebook link and like the piece then you will get the first time that I post a clue on May 1st.