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Month: March 2020

A new contest clue has been posted. Have fun

Yesterdays guesses have also been posted. Some great guesses for sure.

a new contest clue has been posted.

The guesses are so great. I love hearing the names that people are coming up with . It has inspired me to start another painting with those thoughts in mind, which i did last night. Thanks everyone! Keep positive and strong and take yourself away from your daily stress by looking at others guesses and looking at the art. Let your mind relax and have fun with it.

Tell your friends that if they want to play they have to subscribe at the bottom of the home page simply by putting in their email, then go to the contest page and play. All are welcome to play.

Contest update

I have received many notices as to it is difficult to get in. My web designer has fixed it. Sorry folks. This is new to me and needed to be tested to get it working. We already have some cool guesses. Once you get to the link you put in your user name (which is exclusive to you and can change any time you like) then put in your email and guess then hit vote. Its already getting fun. All of today’s guesses will be reviewed and posted tomorrow. This link will bring you directly to the contest. Have fun my fellow art lovers. Already some very cool guesses and one actually has a correct work.

Contest is ready

We got the kinks out and now the contest is easy to do. Just go to the site and contest page and play. Have fun!

Kibo Majestic finished 11×14 & Contest almost ready to begin

Kibo Majestic has been added to Animals. The original is not for sale but 25 signed and numbered Giclee prints will soon be availble. Can be seen in the animals section of the site.

The contest abstract has been added to the abstract section of the site. It is currently titled contest abstract. The first clue is that the name of the painting is five words long. Each player will register to play once the plug in for the contest is installed on the site. Each player will get one guess per day. Clues will be provided in fun ways as the contest continues. There is no cost to play and the winner will receive the signed and number one glicee a value of $95.00 You can see some past winners in the previous years. The average time of the past contest winners has been four to five weeks.

It has been a long time since I did this and it will be fun as we are all sheltered in place. Get creative and pass along the fun. Its a good way to distract and escape from the current stress caused by the virus scare.

Watch your email, when to contest officially starts you will receive a email with details of how to play and a link to the fun.

Wishing you all many blessings of health and safety during this trying time in everyones life.

New Gicle’e prints just in

Check out the Gicle’e section of my site. There are many new pieces posted. Also there will be an upcoming contest to test your creative observations which will result in a $95.00 award, signed and #1 Gicle’e.

I have not done one of these in a long time and this time of isolation will give everyone something to think about. See the winners of past “name the title of the new piece” contests. There is never a fee just fun but people need to be subscribed to the site. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

New pieces soon to be posted to the site. I have been currently working on three intense creations over the past two months.

Something from my old school days finished


Years ago I was taking a class at Rhode Island School of Design on composition. I set up my brushes, cleaning pot, brush holder and pallet knife under the light and on the still image table. After several hours of work, I remember telling the professor that I was angry at the piece. The entire class was looking at each others creation and making coments. It was a loose paint monochrome study. My fellow students liked it but for some reason it just upset me. That does happen sometimes as i paint for a living and just get flustered at times and put pieces aside, sometimes for years. Art is a series of troubleshooting complex study at times. Well, a few days ago I saw this and was working with shadows on my new work titled “Delegal Memories” soon to be exposed. I liked the purple color that i mixed so much that I got inspired. I looked at this unfinished piece titled “Brushes” and said, “hey I know what it needs”. Of course that was said to my dog and myself. So I added some shadow and color thus finishing it. So here it is. I now sort of like it and so does my dog Kibo.

I am also working on a new painting of Kibo and another one of a beautiful lagoon. Stay in touch and keep in the loop as I am on a roll to create some new works to share with you all.

New piece titled Recovery Inspiration

“Recovery Inspiration”

A very close family member asked me to create a painting that he could hang on his wall among his daily visions of strength and recovery. I have watched him suffer for many years and he is now an inspiration to others who battle daily.

Seven months ago I started asking him what was important and inspirational to his daily sobriety and what he would like to see in the art. I proceeded to fill my sketch book with ideas, shapes and composition. After months of creative thinking I painted this piece in two weeks. From the colors and shapes to the words each stroke of color has power.

My Giclee prints are normally sold for $95,00 each however, I have published these for $50.00 each as my gift of inspiration to others who may need the strength that it has to offer. I also only produce only 25 Giclee’s of each of my finished paintings however, I will produce as many of these Giclee prints as are requested as signed and numbered as it is so powerful for those who understand them.

Giclee 8×10 can be purchased from the store on my site. Feel free to pass this along.

Recovery Inspiration
RECOVERY INSPIRATION Created as a requested gift for a family member who has been battling for years. He is an inspiration to many during his daily battles

Sharks has just been released

The painting Sharks has been completed. It was inspired by my friend Bernie Fournier who is an art collector and admirer of sharks and the beauty that they possess.

The original is oil 18×20

Gicle’e prints will be available soon.

I only make 25 numbered and signed Giclee’s at $95.00 each.

If you mention promo code Sharks 2020 they are $75.00 each.

Can be viewed in my website under the surreal and abstract category.

Wishing all of my art loving friends the very best and remember that how you think is how your world is created.

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