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Month: April 2020

A new contest clue has been posted

only one more word needed to win. See the clue on the contest page dated April 30,2020. Good luck but more important “have fun playing”

New Contest Clue

April 24,2020

As of today someone is only one word from winning.

Contest update

Clue April 21,2020

One of the words starting with “P” is located in the name of one of the paintings on my site, in one of the categories. Here are the current solid guesses. Now just fill in the blanks. But, above all have fun and enjoy the deep mental challenge as it takes us away from daily stress for a little while. The contest is taking players into their detective analytical minds. I made it thought provoking because I am giving away a $95.00 prize to the winner and another prize to runner up to help us all escape world stress for a while.

Surviving ___________ in ___________ Paradise.

Contest update

The contest is becoming so much fun for many of you that I have decided to present an additional prize to the person who has made the most guesses. Please remember that even if you changed your player name that it is your email that gets registered which is how the winner will be notified. Only one vote per day please.

Also I have been working on another painting for the next contest. Let your friend know. If you refer someone to the contest please send me a comment so that you will be awarded discounts on any art or classes that you wish to purchase in the future. The more referrals the more the discounts. Have fun and thanks for playing.

A new contest clue has been posted.

Have fun stay protected.

Happy Easter and Passover to you all.

Someone has guessed the first word in the contest over the past week.

Blessings to you all. Please stay protected and safe during this tough time. We are all in this together. We all need each other for support and love. Let those who you know, know how much you love them.

New Clues added to the contest

Read all the way to the bottom of the contest page, to get additional fun clues and riddles.

The contests is getting interesting

Clues and riddles will be, and have been posted but no posts sent out about them being active any more.

Time to play detective on the website. Some are getting close. Some are giving up. It is a mental challenge and thought provoking game that is for the mind that likes this challenging sort of thing. Checking out the sited daily will surely guide you in the right direction and challenge your mental prowess. Hey Im giving away $95.00 in product as a gift. I am the only one spending money. Its free for you all. Above all have fun.

A new clue has been posted to the contest

Good luck and have fun, you need to scroll all the way down on the contest page if you want to see all the clues.

Clues so far

The title is five words long

The middle word is one consonant and one vowel or one vowel and one consonant.

A riddle posted and another one to follow

The last word has been guesses six times in its correct place so far

The title starts with the letter “S”

A new clue has been posted to the contest

Share it with your friends. Let first time users know that they need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the contest page and subscribe to play.

Pass the link along on your social media. A good fun thought provoking game to keep us occupied during our shelter in place.

Please keep distant and safe my friends. Its the only way to stop the spread. Stay healthy and happy. Find the fun thing around you and do things that you have always wanted to do in your own environment. Appreciate those in your environment as they are going though the same adjustments as you are, no matter how old they are. And most important thank everyone from delivery and trash removal to doctors, store workers and suppliers that are the hero’s of this war. I have been sheltered in place for six weeks with my dog. I am fortunate to be an artist and have my pup, and am creating as much as i can. As a 65 year old cancer patient I am very cautious and truly blessed to be here.

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