Fine art of Lawrence R. O'Leary Jr.

Month: January 2021

Dusk of the Pylon 16×20

A new painting has been added today to the Nautical art page of the web site. This is one in the series of the sunset ocean and vintage ships at sea collection. Enjoy and thank you all so much for you’re support of my art. Please share my web site link for all to enjoy. Subscribing is very easy, simply put only your email address in the subscribe section.

I started this painting a year ago along with several others that are soon to be published.

I also have been updating the special interests page with some cool stuff. Enjoy and be safe. Wishing you all good health and many blessings.

Another painting in the vintage clipper ship series has been added. View it in the Nautical pages of this web site.

This ship is very close to what I remember painting for Cumberland High School Clippers in the 1960’s from memory. As far as I know it still hangs there today. If anyone knows I would really like to know as well. At last notice it was hanging in the school library for many years.

Please feel free to share these paintings on your social media especially with your boating and sailing enthusiast friends. Stay connected as I have several pieces in the works and plan on posting them each week as they are finished. Please ask your friends to subscribe. I never send out junk only art that hopefully cheers up your day and takes you away from the stress of everything for a little while.

I also will be starting another “Name the Painting” contest again in the near future. A good form of escapism to keep your mind in happy mode. They will all be a new form of mathematical abstracts derived from my study while sheltered in place for the past year of the ancient masters, pythagoras, and Michelangelo.

Stay safe my friends, care for each other and be blessed that you are able to be here to read this post. My prayers and blessings go out to the suffering of the world and our beautiful Country. May god bless and watch over us all.

A new painting titled Vintage Clipper at Sunset has been completed and added to the Nautical page of the site.

16×20 oil on stretched linen, this is a new series of sunset paintings that I am working on. A series of vintage sailing vessels. I believe that my first one has been hanging in Cumberland High School since the late 1960’s. I donated it to represent my school football team “Cumberland Clippers” It is worth quite a bit today as it is a genuine antique like me but I don’t think that they have any idea. I also have a series of abstract covid works some already posted. Its so great that we have a vaccine now. My prayers go out to all who have lost loved ones as I have during this pandemic. Blessings and please stay safe my friends. I have stayed sheltered in place since this started in my boat art studio.

Vintage clipper ship at sunset. A vision in my mind.

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