Color of Music

12×16 oil

Spending much of my life as a musician and artist I see color, shapes and hear sound in my journey through the creative process.









Catch the Wind one


9 x 12 oil







Voyage of the Merchant Mariner

12 x 16 oil









Altered Reality

16×20 oil

The journey through my cancer has put me on the edge of life and spirit many times. This painting depicts my journey toward recovery.







Dragons Nest

5×7 oil

The name of my boat is Sea Dragon and I have been a martial artist for many years. Dragons are my motif. This is my vision of a dragons nest.





Searching For The Light

5×7 oil

This piece is part of a series of experiences that I have had since my cancer diagnosis. This piece represents my search for the healing light of the universe and gods energy. Many of my pieces are highly connected to my spirituality and I truly feel that my spirit goes into everything that I do and will live on for ever where every they chose to live.



Getting Results

5×7 oil

The day that I received the news that my cancer came back and that I needed to receive 8 weeks of daily radiation treatments I was devastated. I went home to my boat and looked in the mirror. Alone with my dog I started a series of my feelings. I needed to get them out of my soul and onto canvas. This is how I felt on that day.





5×7 oil

While deciding whether I wanted to continue treatment or seek other options I was overwhelmed with thoughts and feeling of my last days. This piece is how I felt while making my decisions. As I write this I am in my second week of 8 weeks of daily radiation treatments and doing ok. The scary part is that there is only a 40% chance that it will work but it is better than 20%




5×7 oil

Inspired while watching a documentary on  Van Gogh and suffering the mental anguish of cancer I painted this semi abstract self portrait.

I often watch documentaries of the old masters. There was much pain and suffering with many of them. I understand that.


Follow Me

Much of my abstract art involves the soul, human nature, and politics. This piece represents the sheep led mentality of our society. Much who do not think for themselves either politically or spiritually. Those who blindly follow only to often become victim of their social environment. There is however a helping hand in the mind of the follower that you will see here.



Cosmic Laundry

8×10 oil

This fun piece is a small depiction of the metaphysical world. I consider myself  a life student of metaphysics and spiritual growth.Take the journey.

Everything happens in divine order.


Hand of God

24×36 oil

This piece took many turns as i was creating it. From color to shape to composition that is out of the norm I wanted to depict the essence of reaching out to us. The actual ability to take and receive from the universe. Nothing is balanced or composed from standards here. We need not be perfect to receive and what we receive needs not be perfect. The original name was “Creation”









Big Brother










The Journey

This painting is the result of a dream, it also won the Poetry and Art Competition and is currently in NYC museum archives. Published and a poet wrote a poem about it. 2017


Giclees are available







Cubic Demise

(award winner Wickford Art Gallery)





Wizard Castle
















Stairway To Heaven
















Mystic Journey






The Gathering






















Big Bang

16×20 oil










Dragon Breath


No prints available exclusive for publication









Ghost of Moses










In Search of the Light











Cosmic Orgasm











Oppressed Man

I spend over a year by the side of a very passive spiritual young man who was going through a very ugly divorce from a highly aggressive abusive woman. He loved her dearly but it was necessary for she was a violent controlling person. I watched how helpless he was but in the end his freedom freed his soul and he found his soul mate. Happy and content with his new wife, his child and hers. It was so tough to watch him go through it as i watched the 24 court hearings in 12 months.










Garden of Fantasy

Another place in my mind that brings me peace. I almost put a unicorn and some fairies in this one. I did not list it under the landscape titles because it was metaphysical and surreal  to me.






Freedom of the Pheonix

11×14 oil

One day while sitting with a new friend in Savannah Ga. I was told a story of how she felt the lion in her heart and the phoenix in her soul and the journey that she longs for. I started painting this the day after her story.

It represents the release of the spirit into the freedom of the pheonix. The small inner child now following to become free with the guide of the spirit.

The journey begins.