This ship is very close to what I remember painting for Cumberland High School Clippers in the 1960’s from memory. As far as I know it still hangs there today. If anyone knows I would really like to know as well. At last notice it was hanging in the school library for many years.

Please feel free to share these paintings on your social media especially with your boating and sailing enthusiast friends. Stay connected as I have several pieces in the works and plan on posting them each week as they are finished. Please ask your friends to subscribe. I never send out junk only art that hopefully cheers up your day and takes you away from the stress of everything for a little while.

I also will be starting another “Name the Painting” contest again in the near future. A good form of escapism to keep your mind in happy mode. They will all be a new form of mathematical abstracts derived from my study while sheltered in place for the past year of the ancient masters, pythagoras, and Michelangelo.

Stay safe my friends, care for each other and be blessed that you are able to be here to read this post. My prayers and blessings go out to the suffering of the world and our beautiful Country. May god bless and watch over us all.