Lawrence R. O'Leary Jr. Fine Art

Fine art of Lawrence R. O'Leary Jr.

Clue# 4 has just been posted to the June “guess the name of the art” contest.

The collector has supplied another clue. Go to the site and visit the June 2020 contest page to play you could win the $95,00 Glice’e

Clue 4 The first word is an English 1970’s vocal harmony group from Gateshead.

The 3rd contest clue has been posted

The collector just sent in the next clue. Good luck and have fun.
Clue 3 The first word is a preliminary overture or a precursor. More clues and riddles to follow
Please send a comment from the web page if you are having any web site issues.

A new painting is finished and has been added to the animal page on my web site check it out.

8×10 oil painting titled ” Prayer for a Schnauzer”

Clue number two for guess the name of this painting contest has just been posted on the web site.
Good luck but most of all have fun and let your mind enjoy the process. I spent a year on site doing this painting.

June 2020 c0ntest name the art first clue has been posted

visit the site to make your guess menu june 2020 contest. Win this art

June 2020 contest update

In another five days the customer will be providing me with the first clue or riddle. I love what you all have named it so far. I may actually use some of your guesses for the names of my future creations. Thanks ya’ll. Have fun and please keep safe and protected out there.

The new contest for June has begun. When you get to the site click on the menu for 2020 june contest

Have fun and pass it along to your friends, especially those who are stuck in their environment during this pandemic. It is free, fun and thought provoking and hey, you could be the winner of a $95.00 collectable piece of art.

New contest starting in a week.

Win this $95.00 giclee by guessing the name that my collector named it.

He will provide clues and riddles every 3 days. It is free to play. Keep posted.

Today I want to highlight a talented 11 year old artist Marisol Babcock

See her beautiful creations on my site under special interests

A new painting has been added to the Nautical page on the site

1661 Inn Block Island

A commission started last June on site. Giclee’s availble

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