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March Contest Winner!!

Here is the happy winner Bernie Fournier as I award him the prize. Congratulations Bernie

Titled ” Voyage of the Merchant Mariner”  A painting about my grandfather James O’Leary who was a merchant mariner from Ireland to Boston.

Bernie tried very hard to guess the clues by reading all of the information on the web site and actively trying to guess each days clues. On the day of the last clue (which provided the first letter of the first word) he was up quite early to catch the next clue. Bernie and his wife Lisa love the piece and were passionate about winning the Signed Giclee print #1 to live in their home. I only make 25 prints of each original so if anyone wants to purchase one visit the store on my site. $95.00. The framed original in oil is also available for $1,260.00

If you see Bernie congratulate him, he really worked hard on this contest.

I am currently working on another painting and will have a new “name the fine artwork” in April. Visit my site regularly for the next contest, updates, shows and new works. Have fun and thank you to all who enjoy my art.

Contest Clue March 22,2018 WE HAVE A WINNER!

Guess the name of the painting.

five words and today one letter of one of the last word has been added today

Tomorrow another letter will be added.  Good luck

Prize a $95.00 print signed & numbered # one

Game being played on Face Book Lawrence Oleary Jr Fine Art.

….  ________ of the ________   M__________



….  ____________ of the  M________ M__________


March 22 clue, so many people getting so close I think that this one is going to do it.

One guess per day click on the FB link

V_________ of the   M____________ M______________


Good luck my friends, I may have to view the time stamp on FB as some are so close that I may have several solid guesses.

Time stamp will validate the winner  and if no winner is posted today I will add one more letter tomorrow.

Have Fun !


At 5:20am this morning March 22,2018 Mr. Bernie Fournier guessed the name.

It is now posted in abstracts with the story.

Congratulations Brenie Fournier you are now immortalized on my site as the one who guessed the painting name from the clues.

This will always be remembers by me as I have been confined battling my cancer return with radiation.

I plan on doing another contest as soon as I finish another piece.

Bernie Fournier now will be awarded that 8×10 signed and numbered #1 of 25 Giclee Print.

See the story





New Landscape added to site. Winter Solitude at the Docks

This painting was inspired by a photograph from my friend, neighbor and photographer Pauline Lessard.

This is my interpretation of the photo from where I live on my boat.

Original framed oil painting 8×10

Titled Winter Solitude at the Docks

Landscapes in oil




Name the abstract currently running on Facebook

March 19,2018   Today, fill in the blank spaces and you will have it……….

___________ of the ___________ __________


Prize Signed & Numbered Print worth $95.00

Print will be number one of 25

New Abstracts Added

Second week of radiation treatments due to the return of the cancer.

These pieces are representative of some of the experiences.


collector purchases in Feb and March.

The following works were purchased by my collectors this past month.

Thank you for your continued desire to share a piece of my spirit and creativity in your home.

Last Visit  18X20 oil now lives in the Stockton collection

Kibos Winter wonderland 18×20 oil now lives in the Stockton collection

Fire in the Sky 5×7 oil now lives in the Stockton collection

Lilly’s Vacation giclee print now lives in the Bertrum collection

Fishing Plumb lighthouse 8×10 oil now lives in the Lelek collection


Im back after my battle with Cancer

I have not got to spend much time in my studio over the past year. I have been battling cancer and complications from surgery since June of 2016. Between that and infections from botched surgery and delays from the VA it has been a battle. It will show in my new works for sure. I am informed that I have five to ten  years and am quite inundated with medical bills but will surely beat that diagnosis.

With that said keep the faith, I am uploading my works into my redesigned site. To date I have almost completed the uploads for abstract and surreal exhibits. Today I plan on getting some of my still life works uploaded.i

I live my life in divine order as I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Everything in life happens in divine order. Believe !

2017 Wickford Fine Art Festival


Great show much success.

Thanks to my old and new collectors.

Keep checking in for new shows and works.

42nd Annual Art Exhibit Conanicut Island Art Association

Opening reception Wednesday July 20th 2016 6pm to 8 pm.

Exhibit Hours July 21st thru July 24th 10am – 4pm

41 Conanicus Ave (East Ferry) Jamestown, RI

Three originals and twelve prints on exhibit by artist Lawrence R. O’Leary Jr.

Pallets of Color Jamestown Art Association Gallery

Tomatoes and Vase

Beavertail Lighthouse 2

Pansies in Tin

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