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Fine art of Lawrence R. O'Leary Jr.

Contest Winner “Dragonfly”

Prelude to Love Forever

An email has been sent to the winner Dragonfly. As the players email is all that we have from subscribers, we need to get a response with a mailing address to send the art to. CONGRATULATIONS !
This is the place of the engagement and honey moon of the art collectors family
Thanks to all who have played, stay tuned as another is coming. Please feel free to comment as to ideas questions and experiences on my website.
These Gicle’e prints are available on my site for $95.00. I only make 25 signed and numbered.
There is a special $10.00 discount that will be applied to any subscribers purchases until the end of July

A new riddle has been posted for june 2020 name the art contest. Who will win the $95.00 Glice’e

Clue 8 Riddle: The eternal flame

Happy Independence Day to you my friends. Please continue to thank a vet and the friends & family’s that stood by them. This is portrayed in my painting “Freedom Isn’t Free”

Please have fun today and stay safe

Clue #7 for this “win this art” contest has just been posted on the contest page. It is a riddle. Have fun.

Another Painting in my pandemic series has been completed. Abstract/Surreal

COVID 19 16×20 There are many messages in this one. Can be viewed in the Abstracts and Surreal page on my site

Finished another piece titled Jellyfish. It can be viewed in the animal art page on my web site. Enjoy and thanks for viewing

This is a mate to the painting Sharks and again inspired by friend and art collector Bernie Fournier

New painting just finished titled “Miguel Lagoon” added to the landscape page.

Miguel Lagoon

Contest clue update

Clue 6 The first and second word have been guessed in order now. The second word has been guessed in order 9 times after Prelude.

Clue #5 has just been posted to name the painting contest

Clue 5 The answer is 4 words long

Clue# 4 has just been posted to the June “guess the name of the art” contest.

The collector has supplied another clue. Go to the site and visit the June 2020 contest page to play you could win the $95,00 Glice’e

Clue 4 The first word is an English 1970’s vocal harmony group from Gateshead.

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