Well, the weather is getting nicer lately. Kibo and I had planned to go out to sea on April 1st however we need to get 50 feet of anchor chain for my new anchor and remove our winter cover. Last year just like Claud Monet would do as he painted his famous scenes on his boat we did, I loved it !. He did his style of painting on the water in a flat boat that he turned into a studio.

My yacht has been my floating live aboard studio for the past six years. We spent most of the season last year painting out on the bay and at sea. Our plans are to depart soon and do the same thing.

Some of last years works need to be finished. We will post videos as we progress. We will come into port regularly for supplies,water, pump out and any necessary repairs. Have fun following our adventure. I promise to post at lease once a week. My cancer is in partial remission so we should do good as long as I make it back every few months for my tests. Many blessing to you all and thank you so much for following my art adventures.

Videos, posts, new works and photos to follow.

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