Seven still life pieces and one self portrait have finally been added to the site.

Check it out when you have time. Also please pass the subscription to my site along to your friends and art lovers. Remember that for the month of November, 50% of all sales go to the Wounded warriors project.

December will be for the St. Judes Children Hospital and Jan will be the Shriners Children Hospital then Feb Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Please pass this along to those who care. A special series of art will be forthcoming to inspire everyone’s spirit for deep thought and giving.

My very close friend Lawrence Flint of North Attleboro Ma passed away at 66 years old from our terrible pandemic issues two weeks

Anyone who wishes to buy a painting in his name for his head stone or prayers from the Benedictine monks please let me know. I will make sure that your informed of the donation. He suffered greatly and unjustly due to poor attention at the hospital. So sad, so young. My closest friend and brother of 22 years friendship.

I will be posting a painting soon that he inspired. It is a little boy, a puppy and an angel. Follow my site and posts for the notice. It is almost done.