“Recovery Inspiration”

A very close family member asked me to create a painting that he could hang on his wall among his daily visions of strength and recovery. I have watched him suffer for many years and he is now an inspiration to others who battle daily.

Seven months ago I started asking him what was important and inspirational to his daily sobriety and what he would like to see in the art. I proceeded to fill my sketch book with ideas, shapes and composition. After months of creative thinking I painted this piece in two weeks. From the colors and shapes to the words each stroke of color has power.

My Giclee prints are normally sold for $95,00 each however, I have published these for $50.00 each as my gift of inspiration to others who may need the strength that it has to offer. I also only produce only 25 Giclee’s of each of my finished paintings however, I will produce as many of these Giclee prints as are requested as signed and numbered as it is so powerful for those who understand them.

Giclee 8×10 can be purchased from the store on my site. Feel free to pass this along.

Recovery Inspiration
RECOVERY INSPIRATION Created as a requested gift for a family member who has been battling for years. He is an inspiration to many during his daily battles