Skip 8×10 oil on canvas My friend and fellow vet, we served in war together in the 70,s
Hard Times 9 x 12 oil on Linen
Self Portrait intensity depicting my image of the times we all of the suffering everywhere 11×14 oil on linen
Self Portrait oil 16×20 from the photo of the 2018 Wickford Art Festival taken by photographer George Salter
Dan the Piano Man
Dan The Piano Man album cover painting oil 12×16 painted for his Jazz album cover
Bonnie oil on canvas 11×14 she was the model for a painting class I was teaching in East Greenwich in 2018
Captain John oil 12×16 Painted from the Disney film set for Finest Hour on Cape Cod
Pain quick 5×7 during cancer battle
Mountain Man 12×16 oil
Jeff 8×10 oil
Tormented oil on canvas 5×7 done during cancer battle
My studio on RI photograph
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