100% of this original sale goes to cancer research. Please read the attached story.

Prostate Cancer Foundation. 50% of all giclee prints go as a donation as well.

A friend was recovering from prostate cancer and lived alone I would visit him and acted as his advocate. When I saw these boots at the end of his bed he told me that they were his work  boots for the past 20 years. I observed the barbaric methods necessary for men’s prostate cancer and was appalled. I contacted the prostate cancer institute and discovered that it is the most under researched cancer and biopsy methods have not changed in over 30 years. Well sure enough an year after I posted this I got cancer and experienced the barbaric methods and have had everything removed only to suffer a doctor mistake and got infected. I spent six months in hospitals and nursing homes. Something needs to be done. There is very little focus on mens issues thus poor treatment is the result. One year after my surgery I am in eight weeks of radiation as I write this with only a 40% chance that it will work.

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100% of this sale goes to cancer research. Read Story