100% of this sale goes to Prostate Cancer Research. These are the boots of a stage 4 Cancer Survivor.

One day while visiting him i asked him why he has these old boots at the foot of his bed. He spent his life as a mechanic, husband, father and grandfather. He responded that they represented the work, success and path of his life. I asked if I could paint them for him and told him that I wanted to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation as it is the most under studied cancer. He agreed and when he recovered I gave him my Tai Chi school as he spent years studying to be an instructor.

The Giclee prints are sold and 50% of all sales also goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

This piece is also scheduled to be presented and hung in the Marium Hospital Cancer wing in RI by Dr. Magar who is the artist oncologist.

This artist had no idea that he would contract cancer after he finished this painting. After three years of surgeries, nursing homes and radiation he is passionate about making a difference with his art to help others. Most all of his works are spiritual in nature and guided by God.



100% of this sale goes to cancer research. Please read the attached story

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Prints are available – $75. Contact lawrence.oleary.jr@gmail.com