Years ago I was taking a class at Rhode Island School of Design on composition. I set up my brushes, cleaning pot, brush holder and pallet knife under the light and on the still image table. After several hours of work, I remember telling the professor that I was angry at the piece. The entire class was looking at each others creation and making coments. It was a loose paint monochrome study. My fellow students liked it but for some reason it just upset me. That does happen sometimes as i paint for a living and just get flustered at times and put pieces aside, sometimes for years. Art is a series of troubleshooting complex study at times. Well, a few days ago I saw this and was working with shadows on my new work titled “Delegal Memories” soon to be exposed. I liked the purple color that i mixed so much that I got inspired. I looked at this unfinished piece titled “Brushes” and said, “hey I know what it needs”. Of course that was said to my dog and myself. So I added some shadow and color thus finishing it. So here it is. I now sort of like it and so does my dog Kibo.

I am also working on a new painting of Kibo and another one of a beautiful lagoon. Stay in touch and keep in the loop as I am on a roll to create some new works to share with you all.