Title ” Freedom Isn’t free” Went to the Whitehouse on Flagday 2019

This paining was my first and so far last relating to my time as a soldier at war in Southeast Asia. It was juried into the art gallery in 2019 with 60 other artists.

A show was to take place at the Wickford Art Gallery called Journey Onward. It was a show in 2019 depicting family and military and their artistic expression of our Veterans. It was the most difficult paintings that I have ever done. A beautiful two page article was written by the local news and this art and the article were framed and awarded to the White House on Flag Day 2019.

Every sex and nationality has been recognized as well as family’s back home that hope and pray for the return of their loved ones. All branches of the military as well as our beautiful country are depicted. The faces are blank to represent the emotions that must be shut down during war. War is tough on everyone. When I returned with my fellow soldiers some of us were attacked by anti war protestors. I ended up with 17 stitches in my head from a bottle. We were informed how the enemy uses rumors and propaganda to turn our own people against us using any source possible. Divide and conquer. It was not until the last several decades that the Viet Nam vets started to be recognized as human. Freedom IS NOT free, so you can see how hard this would be for a soldier to paint. I thank all my fellow Americans for their love and support for our freedom.

Gifts from talented young artist Marisol Babcock
Two beautiful pieces of art made by 11 year old talented artist. One day presented me with these two wonderful pieces. Soon she will receive a special gift as to what I have done with them. Keep up the art Marisol and treasure all that you create. Following are close up pieces of her art on stone and 5×7 stretched canvas. Let all you young artists be inspired by Marisol to follow your art dreams. Thank you for your inspiration Marisol
beautiful piece on stone with glitter for stars, great art by Marasol Babcock 2020
beautiful peaceful piece by 11 year old artist Marisol Babcock 2020 5×7 stretched canvas


Surviving Panic in Mental Paradise
I had started the background for my next abstract when the COVID 19 pandemic was in its infant stages in China.
 As I watched the news and observed the panic, stress, fear and worry in every person in the world I escaped into my art. There was panic everywhere and still is!  
I created a paradise as I was painting and as usual nothing around me existed in my mind other than the next brush stroke, shape or suggestion while painting. This piece took many days and evolved as I was seeing the panic news in my isolated art studio on my boat. It was then that I asked God how I could help my fellow human beings with the talents that I have. That was when it came to me that as I escape into my art that I should create another contest using this piece to help others do what I am doing as I create it. Escape into a wonderful world of color, shape and suggestions in an effort to take the mind to a peaceful fun place.
I wanted to make it sort of like a Jimmy Buffett tropical paradise. Well, it was wonderful, and that is what many viewers observed during the first guesses. I created clues and left secret messages in some of my posts. I created intriguing riddles that now can be understood as the name is now exposed.
For 33 days my contest players were drawn into a mystical journey as they read the paintings message, made guesses and had fun each day. I deliberately made it sort of like and investigative detective clue game and it was not easy. Most of all I enjoyed hearing the first few weeks of guesses. As an artist I absolutely love to hear what message my art gives to those who view it. That is what I enjoy most about doing abstracts. It has a unique and sometimes spiritual message that is unique to each viewer which allows he viewer to see many thing. Some who are new to abstract here are some of the things that I think about when I look at other artist abstracts. What is the artist saying? What was the artist thinking when they painted? What do I see in in? What messages do I get from it? Where does the art take me in my mind? How does it make me feel? These are just some of my thoughts on abstract viewing.
 This is one of three COVID 19  paintings currently painted or in the works of being painted. The contest has also kept me involved with personal contact as I am isolated on my boat art studio with my dog in a remote location. As a cancer patient and 65 years old my system is compromised and I don’t go anywhere as many of us are currently doing. Everything delivered is sanitized as well as my shoes and dogs paws after our short walks to land. I know the need for things that keep us involved in a fun way with others. Thus this contest has been my human interaction pleasure and I graciously thank all who have enjoyed this journey with me.
$150,000.00 One mans life, 100% of this original sale goes to cancer research.
Prostate cancer is one of the most under researched cancers. Six of my friends suffered as well as myself. Two of them died and mine did not get treated in time due to the VA during the time of poor treatment for veterans. Agent orange issues. If you do not purchase the art please consider a donation to www.PCF.org Prostate Cancer Foundation.
One day I was sitting at the foot of one of my friends bed while he was in treatment. He was alone, I asked him why those old boot were sitting at the foot of his bed instead of his slippers. He responded that they represent his entire life as a mechanic and his labors. I told him that i was going to paint them and tell his story. I gave him the first Giclee signed and told him that the original will help future cancer patients when the right person sees it and purchases it, I will donate the money. The buyer can also contact the Prostate Cancer Foundation and make the donation to them directly and then have them contact me and I will present the original painting to the person making the donation.
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