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New Gicle’e prints just in

Check out the Gicle’e section of my site. There are many new pieces posted. Also there will be an upcoming contest to test your creative observations which will result in a $95.00 award, signed and #1 Gicle’e.

I have not done one of these in a long time and this time of isolation will give everyone something to think about. See the winners of past “name the title of the new piece” contests. There is never a fee just fun but people need to be subscribed to the site. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

New pieces soon to be posted to the site. I have been currently working on three intense creations over the past two months.

New piece titled Recovery Inspiration

“Recovery Inspiration”

A very close family member asked me to create a painting that he could hang on his wall among his daily visions of strength and recovery. I have watched him suffer for many years and he is now an inspiration to others who battle daily.

Seven months ago I started asking him what was important and inspirational to his daily sobriety and what he would like to see in the art. I proceeded to fill my sketch book with ideas, shapes and composition. After months of creative thinking I painted this piece in two weeks. From the colors and shapes to the words each stroke of color has power.

My Giclee prints are normally sold for $95,00 each however, I have published these for $50.00 each as my gift of inspiration to others who may need the strength that it has to offer. I also only produce only 25 Giclee’s of each of my finished paintings however, I will produce as many of these Giclee prints as are requested as signed and numbered as it is so powerful for those who understand them.

Giclee 8×10 can be purchased from the store on my site. Feel free to pass this along.

Recovery Inspiration
RECOVERY INSPIRATION Created as a requested gift for a family member who has been battling for years. He is an inspiration to many during his daily battles

Sharks has just been released

The painting Sharks has been completed. It was inspired by my friend Bernie Fournier who is an art collector and admirer of sharks and the beauty that they possess.

The original is oil 18×20

Gicle’e prints will be available soon.

I only make 25 numbered and signed Giclee’s at $95.00 each.

If you mention promo code Sharks 2020 they are $75.00 each.

Can be viewed in my website under the surreal and abstract category.

Wishing all of my art loving friends the very best and remember that how you think is how your world is created.

June Contest guess what i named the painting and win a glicee

This is the new painting, guess the name by the end of the month and win the Giclee signed and numbered #1 a $95.00 print.

Just click on the facebook link and make your guess.

Clues and riddles will be added regularly. Only one guess per day please.

Good luck but above all have fun. My cancer did not go away after my last group of treatments so I will be painting and having fun with the contest. Doctor told me just to enjoy the summer, my boat, my art and my guitar and we will revisit my option in 3 months.

Clue number 1

The title is three letters long

Still life added today

Still life in oil


May contest. Name the art and win.


Well, here is the new contest. This piece is sold, thank god for my collectors you are amazing and can see the spirit that I put into each piece. It is helping so much with my medical costs as I fight the evil demon of  cancer

Please everyone have fun as it does’nt cost anything and you could win a $95.00 Giclee.

People have been wining in less than nine days, i am making this one a little more challenging.

OK here it is and the first clue is that it is connected to the motif of my works. Just click on the facebook link or go to face book lawrence oleary jr fine art to make your guess. You get one guess per day. I will respond yes or no. Please have fun with this, I  will continue with contests each month as long as people want to play. Have fun


Enjoy the process.

Clue # 1

Also a clue if you have read this far. ”  a piece of my spirit goes into everything that  I paint”

Clue #2

There is a common theme to this artists creative process. This can be discovered through the names and stories of many of his works.

Clue #3

The title is more than three words long and less than seven.

Clue #4

Norman Greenbaum

Clue #5

Rite of Passage

Clue #6

There are five words to this title.

The letters are not in order but are as follows


Clue #7


It is time to go young man, when you return you will be a brave.

We have a winner!

Judy Salvadore figured out the final riddle. This was a tough one. She has played diligently over the past two months and was only one word off each time. She did an amazing job as this was the hardest one yet. If you know her please congratulate her. I will be awarding her the Giclee print signed and numbered one. I only make 25. I intentionally made this one difficult to make it fun and to see who would hang in there till the end. There were only five days left before it was over.

I constantly add small stories to my works here on my site, especially my abstracts and how I am inspired to paint them. As many know much of my works are about journey and voyages. I am a very spiritual person and seriously put a piece of my spirit in each work that I do. I feel that a piece of my spirit will live in the homes and hearts of each person who has one of them. I have been doing a surreal or abstract one month and then a realism piece. June I will put my currently finished piece on for the “name the painting” contest. I was going to stop but was glad to hear that people still want to play. I also did not have the ability to share my face book contest with your friends. I now have changed that so all of your friends can play. Good luck. The original of this piece sold and now lives in the Stockton collection. I am very pleased as that collector is a very spiritual person with a wonderful vision on life.

The clues should now all make sence to you.

When a person is in search of his or her spirit animal they go on a spirit quest in the Native American tradition. I always found this wonderful and actually apply it to my life. My spirit animal is White Wolf.

I am not Native American but have immensely enjoyed my education while in a relationship with Joan Pacheco of Olde Allen Farm who held sweat lodges and Native American ceremony at her farm for many years. I was amazed and enlightened by the folks that I met while experiencing that  in the late 1990’s. She is now a survival, herbal and wildlife instructor trained with Tom Brown. Many of my works are guided by those spiritual journeys.


Here is the painting it is a 18×20 and this original oil now lives in the Stockton collection.

Me and My Muse

My wonderful boy and myself live and paint on my boat in my boat studio. He is such a gem.

This photo is compliments of photographer Pauline Lessard who also has provided me with the photos for the piece. “Winter Solitude at the Docks”

He keeps me filled with love and happiness as well as artistic inspiration. I have never had an animal that I am so close to,and i have been very close to all of my pets in my life. I always had two while I was employed so that when I had to travel or go away for the day they had each other to play with. I built a very large house for us all at the time.

Kibo spent  much of last year in the hospitals and nursing homes while I battled my cancer surgery and infection complications and is now battling for me again as it has returned and we are trying to destroy the demon of cancer.

I am astonished at how many of my very close friends are also survivors. It is their friendship and understanding that fills me with hope but it is my Kibo who has kept me alive. There were times when I may have given up last year if it had not been for his caring love looking me in the eyes. I could not leave him so I fought harder. A dog is the only animal that will love you more than it loves itself. I share that back with him.

I do love living on my boat with him and he is my service dog. We are never apart. He is highly trained and has an extensive vocabulary. Trained both for disabled vets as well as four semesters at Community College of RI as  pet assisted therapy. I have been painting since the early 1960’s and now paint full time.

As my life has taken a turn for retirement, disability from agent orange and illness the simplicity of life now has been a blessing. Kibo works hard for me and it paid back big time with love, personally cooked meals and daily exercise playing with all of his special friends at the dog park. He absolutely loves the dog park and visits with our friends who have dogs. He is quite a social butterfly and my constant muse to create my art.

April Contest win a $95.00 Glicee

There was such a great response from my first “guess the title of the artwork” in March that i have just finished another painting to name.

Click on the link to Face Book on this page and make your guess. Read to the bottom of this post to get all riddles and clues.

One guess per day. A new clue is provided each day on this posting page. You must make your guess on Facebook.

The painting can be viewed here and on facebook.

Now for the first clue. The painting is a title that is six words long. I will provide one letter to each word each day and often a clue as to the composition of the work. This composition does depict the chosen name and once discovered you will be amazed. I created this as I am fairly confined to my studio as I battle this cancer and go through radiation. I have to stay away from social gatherings because of being vulnerable to getting sick from social interaction with cold and flu. It was all cut out in Feb of 2017 but came back. I came up with this contest in March to stay connected and have some fun.

Good luck my friends but more importantly have fun.

Clue 1. six words one of them is of posted March 28,2018

“_________________  ____  ____________________    ___    _________________  _________________”

Clue 2 posted March 29,2018

Riddle: As the mountains grow many things are observed.

Six words one of them is “the” and another word is “of”

“________________  ___ ______________ _____ __________  _______”

Clue 3 posted March 30,2018

Riddle: Mountains never die they just watch time go by

“___________ the ________ _____ _____ _______”

Clue 4 posted March 31,2018

Riddle: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall each year the valley sees them all.

“_______ the _______ of _______  _________

Clue 5 posted April 1,2018

Riddle: One thing that remains constant is change

“_______ the_______ of ________ _S________

Clue 6 posted April 2,2018

All along the watch tower

“______ the C________of__________ S_________



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