Voyage of the Merchant Mariner

12×16 oil

My grandfather James O’Leary sailed from Ireland to Boston as a Merchant Mariner, He was an artist and would sell his sketches to other sailors and those in port at times. He drew with me when I was just a child. He would sit with me by the Blackstone river in RI and teach me how to paint the water and shores. He would tell me stories about my great grandfather who painted murals in churches and boats in Ireland and England.

Eventually he introduced me to professional artist and sign painter Steve Gusty in Pawtucket which I spent a summer studying with.

This is the first piece that I entered into a contest while I was confined receiving radiation treatments for cancer returning in my body.

The contest was initiated on Face Book and each day a clue was put into the post blog on my site. It was not only fun but it kept me smiling and sharing while I am battling this evil cancer demon.

Everyone worked very hard at the clues. I plan on doing another contest soon.

I painted this while I was here on my boat studio healing. I have also done many small pieces about my feelings and emotions during this healing process.

I am very optimistic that I will get better even though the doctors are telling me that this procedure has only a 40% of working.