Lawrence R. O’Leary’ Jr.
Lawrence a professional eclectic artist, actor and musician. Now a retired veteran and sailor (or
pirate – argh!) who resides on the The oceans east coast of USA. He has traveled all around
the world and his art reflects what his eyes have seen. Painting fine art for several decades
his passion is seen in all of his works. He has a passion for working in oil and the techniques of the old masters however works and teaches in all mediums as well.
Lawrence comes from several generations of artists. Taught by the hand of his father at an
early age – drawing, pastels and oils quickly became a passion. Then befriending several
talented people in his lifetime that helped connect himself to paint and an easel. Never giving
up, working hard to get art lessons and education on his own dime, he felt fortunate. Studied
art at LaSalle Extension University , RIC and Rhode Island School of Design.
Lawrence is a published and award winning artist of fine art as well as an art instructor, with
works all over the world.
Exhibits in fine art galleries , museums and collections both private and public worldwide.
“A piece of his spirit goes into each creation to live on forever in the hearts and minds of the
places where they hang.”