Artist Statement

Lawrence O‚ÄôLeary Jr. Is an award winning, multi-generational, fine artist working primarily in oils with a strong passion for abstract and representational art. Originally from New England by way of family ties in Cork, Ireland, he currently travels up and down the eastern coast living and working in his boat in search of coastal themes. He uses a multitude of techniques to tell his visual stories including: color, perspective, brush stroke, texture, light, and shadow. One theme he keeps coming back to is historical buildings. He is interested in bringing life back to the decayed, abandoned, and forgotten. His goal here is to capture the soul of these places so it will speak to others in a meaningful way.  In addition, he loves to explore abstract painting sometimes incorporating quantum physics in the thought and/or execution of his work as represented in his Metaphysical and Fibonacci Collections. Finally, there is a real existential and spiritual aspect to a lot of what Lawrence does. This element of his work seeks to open the imagination of the viewer to possibility, wonder and the unknown. He revels in the fact that this experience is different for each viewer. 

In addition to working as a full time artist, Lawrence has also been a professional actor and musician. He is currently based out of Richmond Hill, GA where his boat is docked with his dog Kibo onboard.