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Several new paintings uploaded today

One new Nautical painting titled ” Gotta Get A Bigger Boat” and two abstracts with a message were just uploaded to the web site. Thank you again my friends for viewing and sharing my art posts. Please always feel free to leave a comment. Donations this month go to Tunnels to Towers to help veterans. 93% of all donations go to the vet.

New Paintings

Five new paintings have been added to the web site. Abstracts and Landscapes.

Comments are always welcome

New paintings have been added to the site.

Metaphysical abstracts, portraits and landscapes have been uploaded the my web site. Also new free art lessons are in the lessons page. Thanks for your support my friends.


New Paintings added today

New abstracts were added to the Metaphysical collection today as well as the finished painting was added to the free art lesson page. Enjoy my friends and please pass it along to your friends, fellow collectors and art enthusiasts.

Just click on Lawrences paintings to see them all.

Free Lesson Added today

There are now two free basic painting lessons on the site. The first two are how to create perspective in your painting. Enjoy, there are more in production.


One abstract and three landscape paintings have been added to the web site please share it with your friends. You may see yourself in one of them. Please comment if you have a problem with opening the pages or want to say something.

Thank you all for viewings. Please help Ukraine with humanitarian support. I am doing it with my art and any possible donations. Fifty percent of sale profits will go to the local church or people suppling humanitarian aid for those who lost everything until this is over. Thank you for your support

I am so sorry and a bit embarrassed

Hello my friends, collectors and art lovers. I did not realize that my web site was badly scrambled and over 100 paintings were missing. I spent a great many hours getting it back. Please comment if you have any navigation trouble. Many new paintings have been added to abstracts, still lifes, nautical, and animals. To those who let me know about it, thank you.

Eight new Painting have been added to the site for your viewing pleasure

Painting have been added to Abstracts, Landscapes, Still life and Nautical. It took a while to get the site cleaned up and new photos taken of the art. Enjoy and I wish you a very blessed day. Lawrence

You can now purchase the fine art once again from the site. Sorry for such a long delay.

Hello fellow art enthusiasts and supporters. The purchase ability of the site has been down for a long time. It will take a long time before we can add all of the art again but several are available to view now. If you are considering an investment in fine art and see one that you are interested in please send us a comment or email. Your chosen painting will be posted in a day or two for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to you all and I pray that your life is blessed with happiness, love and good health. Your support is such a blessing and I truly appreciate it.

I have also been doing a weekly blog about my adventures with my boat art studio and dog Kibo. It is on YouTube. “The Life and Adventures of Captain Larry and Kibo” I hope that you enjoy it. Good tips on boating, pets aboard, music, art and what ever else comes to mind. I keep it under 8 minutes, and the following week I answer questions that come up while you are viewing. Just something for fun.

We traveled from RI to Georgia on the Atlantic Ocean and inland waters where I did many paintings of the interesting things, sites and people along the way.

Donations to Shriner’s Children Hospital this month

fifty percent of all sale profits this month will go to the Shriner’s Children Hospital. Last month was St.Judes Childrens Hospital and the month before was Wounded Warriors Project. This will continue. Next month will be ASPCA. Stay tuned for future artwork to be posted.

Happy New Year and Many Blessings to You All. Thank you for subscribing.

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